Who benefits from Fake Rescues?

Originally, this post presented a video with four examples of Companies which advertised in Fake Rescue Channels, Commercial companies, such as Amazon, and NGOs, such as Save the Children, Greenpeace anf Four-Paws (!!)

For each one, the video presented 3 Screen Captures

  • One with the ad
  • One with the video to which the ad was attached
  • One with the 8 last videos of the channel, to show that the three screen captures were related

I must say that this video was a success: The 3 NGO responded telling us that they had asked YouTube to remove their ads from these videos, and they have reported the video to YouTube.

Amazon did not say anything.

This uncontrolled ad-insertion algorithm is a nonsense. It may lead to a McDonalds ad included on a “Go Vegan”video

This subject is analysed on the following video

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