Some ideas about a possible strategy

Having worked all my life for big corporations I know that everybody is supposed to help to increase the turnover of the company. If your salary is higher than the turnover your activity brings, you are fired. And this is valid for everybody, in particular report reviewers for Facebook or YouTube. Any reviewer who is too finicky and deletes more videos than the rest of the group will be fired.

This does not mean that reporting a video is useless, but actually is not very effective

Moreover, there will always be new, gullible people (as I was myself, a few months ago) to view, to like, to subscribe, to comment. YouTube will pay, and new “creators” will appear, to collect gladly this manna from Heaven

We need a different approach: The only way big companies understand that they cannot do whatever they want is not ethics, is money. In consequence, let us try to disrupt this flow Advertisers –> You Tube –> Fake Rescuers. If Advertisers notify YouTube that they will not pay ads presented on Fake Rescue Channels, YouTube will close them.

How to do this?

Easy peasy,. 3 steps

a.) Find the companies whose ads appears in these channels (I have found ads from Amazon, from an european insurance company called Allianz, and – please, be seated, you’ll not believe it- – a NGO who deals with animal cruelty)

b.) Locate in the Internet their management board.

c.) Prepare a report to be sent to the CEO and to the Marketing Manager of these companies telling them that a company who cares about Human Rights, Environment and Communities in need (all these companies say so in their web page) cannot afford to be pointed with a finger because they give support to Animal Cruelty, and the proof is in the report attached to the letter. The report contains three screen captures

i.) the ad of the company, and below, the name of the video of the “rescue”

ii. ) a view of the video, with the kitten drowning, or poisoned, the more gore the better. let us fight with their weapons

iii.) c.) a view of the last videos of the canal.

I have just started with these reports, you are invited to my Forum in which you will find, other than the list of YT Fake Rescue channels, an example of the report. Forum is open in read only mode, to participate (I would appreciate your participation, of course) you need to register. I need to do this to avoid the hacking of the forum

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