About me. Changing the shoreline, one pebble at a time

I’m a grumpy old man, currently retired, who loves animals. As a matter of fact, the name of this page is a tribute to one of my cats, Misha. Someone abandoned Misha on a busy street of my town, Barcelona. We saw him for two days roaming the street, nobody took care of him, we were not prepared to have a cat, but, at the end of the day we brought him home. He was at least two or three years old, an adult and very big cat (7 kg – 14 lbs) and the most lovable and affectionate cat, once he get used to us (It took at least 10 minutes).

And, two weeks ago, navigating the stormy waters of YouTube, I stumbled on a video in which someone rescued a kitten who had “lost his mother in a car accident”. Mother and kitten were finally saved. Tears came to my eyes, I had found a hero without cape. I commented “thank you, and a lot of hearts). And someone replied: “It’s a Fake! just click on the channel, this guy rescues one or two animals per day, and they are not to be seen anymore”.

I started to dig, and I was appalled

And I decided to do something.

This web and the forum are the result.

Help me to spread this information